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Valentine’s Day At School

Last year the children’s school celebrated Valentine’s day with great fervour and enthusiasm. They had children draw cards (for their parents), make red hearts on their faces and wear red shirts to school. Eid-e-milad-un-nabi (celebration of the birth of the Prophet (SAW) was in the same month but they did not have a milad in school and nobody discussed with the children anything about the birth and lifetime of the Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). My husband and I usually don’t visit the headmistress’ office (not even when my daughter was poked in the eye with a pencil by another child and had a bloodshot eye for a whole month); this time though we thought we needed to go because it was a matter of teaching right values at home as well as at school. Even though I kept reinforcing at home what a waste of time Valentine’s day was, I still did not want my children participating in such events at school. So when we finally confronted the headmistress with the issue we were met with a casual nod and a mild comment about how they do different things each year and about how everyone celebrates Valentine’s nowadays. So we returned quite upset with the uninterested attitude of the people running the school.

This year though there was no Valentine celebration AND they had a milad. So I think even when it seems as if what you are saying is not having any effect, it’s worth the try, because you never know what might sink in.


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