Wisdom and Tea: Reflections of Muslim Home-making Moms

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It’s All About Respect

Raising children can be looked at, among other things ,as the job assigned to you by God. And just as we work at any other job in our professional lives so too do we have to work at this extremely important job assigned to us, where we are responsible for a life. What an amazing contribution to both this world and for the next. Which is why i wonder at the value given to such an important task. Both parents are responsible . But as it is in life,  one spouse has to stay back more to look after the children. But somehow that role is always one that isn’t given its due value. Not even by the one performing that role.  How often do we hear in conversations when moms are asked what they do, that “Oh nothing, I’m a house wife”? Running a house too is another undervalued profession and, yes, i will call it a profession but that discussion I’ll leave for another day.
Just as any professional works and gets better at his profession as he gains experience, so does a mother. And just as for any professional, advice is welcome, but interference is not. And that is where respect comes in.  But people in general and specially mother- in- laws overlook the fact that looking after children is  a mother’s job  and that the mother will gain experience with time. But the children are her responsibility, and that must be respected,  just as in any other profession.


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