Wisdom and Tea: Reflections of Muslim Home-making Moms

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The “I” Phenomenon

Everywhere we look or whosoever we talk to we see what I would like to call the “I” Phenomenon. This is, in a form, a worship of the self. It starts very young when the 2 year old says “This is MY toy, I don’t want to share it”. At 6 years it becomes something like “I like watching Ben Ten/Bratz/Spiderman etc.” If unchecked at 12 it turns into something like “I don’t like this red-coloured shirt. Why did you get it for me”. At 17, I feel the “I” Phenomenon is beyond repair, unless of course God intervenes or parents finally realise something is wrong, and take some drastic steps (and I, for the life of me, can’t imagine what these would be). Then at 24 when the individual is on the verge of getting married the “I” Phenomenon is ready to be passed on to the next generation.

What can break this cycle? Only religion and God, when one firmly believes that one is serving something greater than the self. There are so many verses in the Quran openly showing us how minor and insignificant we are in front of God. Still we fail to understand and fail to comprehend and continue to indulge ourselves in the “I”.

See you the seed that you sow in the ground? Is it you that causes it to grow, or are We (royal We) the cause? Were it Our will We would crumble it to powder and you would be left in wonderment (saying) “We are indeed left with debts (for nothing)” ( Verses 63-66 Surah Al-Waqiah)

See you the water which you drink? Do you bring it down (in rain) from the cloud or do We? Were it Our will We could make it salt (and unpalatable). Then why do you not give thanks? (Verses 68-70 Surah Al-Waqiah)

See you the fire which you kindle? Is it you who grows the tree which feeds the fire or do We grow it? We have made it a memorial (of Our handiwork) and an aricle of comfort and convinience for the denizens of deserts. (Verses 71-73 Surah Al-Waqiah)

If we truly understand what the above means we realise we are nothing but only a nut in the entire machine, a grain of sand in a desert, a drop of water in the ocean, only an alphabet in the whole book.

How then can we ignore what is in the Quran?

Furthermore I call to witness the setting of the stars. And that is indeed a mighty adjuration if you but knew. That this is indeed a Quran most honourable. In a Book well guarded. Which none shall touch but those who are clean. A Revelation from the Lord of the worlds. IS IT SUCH A MESSAGE YOU WOULD HOLD IN LIGHT ESTEEM? AND HAVE YOU MADE IT YOUR LIVELIHOOD THAT YOU SHOULD DECLARE IT FALSE? (Verses 75-82 Surah AlWaqiah)

If we consider ourselves so great then why don’t we do the following?

Then why do you not (intervene) when (the soul of the dying man) reaches the throat. And you the while (sit) looking on. But We are NEARER TO HIM THAN YOU and yet you see not. Then why do you not, if you are exempt from (future) account, call back the soul if you are true (in your claim for independdence)? (Verses 83-87 Surah Al-Waqiah)

These verses specially sent shudders down my spine. This is a direct challenge, for those who consider themselves above the Creator, from the Creator himself. If we can’t do the above then we have to turn to Him Who can, the One who has control over that delicate piece of life called a soul, which we cannot touch, cannot explain and yet it forms the basis of a human being. The soul adds colour to the empty vessel of our body, gives us speech and the ability to think. And if we can’t even touch it who then has the capabilty to take it out of our body? Obviously someone with far greater powers than us, powers we cannot even begin to imagine. Let that soul be in complete submission of Allah and not the self.


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