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And Then Came Peace

In the process of putting my children to sleep, the importance of having peace of mind became glaringly evident. Even when I was younger I always found the idea of bedtime for kids very magical. A time to snuggle up with a parent and a book, and hear stories of wondrous things. I always thought it was a wonderful time for both the parent and the child. Now as a parent when this “magical time” arrives, all the wonder had gone. All that was left was a rush to put the kids to sleep, either because of school or I myself wanted to unwind. I realized that my children were growing up and we all were missing out.

So I decided to make a conscious effort to enjoy bedtime. And the single most important way was to have an uncluttered mind and to slow down. The best opportunity were the holidays where I had some breathing space and timings could be relaxed. My children chose their favourite stories, and we took turns reading them. I could also recite the short chapters of the Quran which are reccomended to be read before sleeping. I found not only did my children seem calmer, but i felt peaceful too with my children lying next to me. The magic was back!

It takes some doing and isn’t always easy, then only can you better deal with a comment like, “I dont know how to lie down” ,which followed ” I don’t know how to sleep! ” , A very true point is that never to bite off more than you can chew. In this day and age we tend to feel that involving ourselves in more activities will bring us peace or fulfillment, but the truth we can’t see is that there are so many obligations right in front of us, which maybe seem mundane, but we just cant see how important they are. I  feel that if I focus on my immediate responsiblities, and not take too much on my plate, I can perform those tasks better, with a better sense of fullfillment, and am a better person and parent as a result of not being stressed out all the time. I can breathe, concentarate on prayers, which give an amazing peace. When you are fulfilled and content with your role and how you are meeting its challanges, then proving self worth to the rest of the world loses its priority. You do it for yourself and Allah.

That which is little yet sufficient is better than that which is much and diverts man from his goal as a result
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)


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