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Science is the new god!


Science is the new religion, they say. I disagree. Science is the new god. We bow before it, worship it, look to it for answers about everything in our lives, we believe it even when it makes no sense and we would rather believe a conclusion that science hands out to us than our own senses, our own feelings, our own common sense.

So, yes, science is the new god. It is powerful, its followers/believers claim it is omniscient, and there is widespread acceptance of the idea that if science is unable to prove something as true, that thing cannot be correct.

When it comes to a scientific matter, we turn to “experts” who have the right qualifications to help address the issue. We make no attempts to guess at the answer, realizing that our knowledge is limited as is our understanding.

But when it comes to religion, we are more likely to hazard a guess about a matter that we have very little understanding of, we are even likely to make statements like, “I think Allah revealed this ayah because ….” even when we have no knowledge of the context or of Arabic, and we even accept judgments and fatwas from random, unnamed sources.

We read translations of the Quran and become self-proclaimed experts on what the Quran has to say. But does anybody read a layman’s version of a scientific text and start propounding his own theories based on it? Unlikely. Most people would just accept whatever message is being given to them when it comes to science but we have an urge to question the message when that message is in the Quran, the verbatim Word of God!

Science tells us walking on the beach is relaxing for us! We see this kind of research as enlightening even though long before thousands of dollars were spent on this useless research question, our common sense had drawn that same conclusion for us.

Science tells us kids like to play with toys (describing how certain types of toys are good for a child’s mental development) and people believe it, not bothering to use their own minds and powers of observation to draw their own conclusions or at least question the findings.

We have absolute and implicit faith in the institution of science without having the least amount of information regarding how this institution runs. Or by whom. Or what its aims are. Or where its leadership is taking us.

Man refuses to acknowledge his complete dependence on God and shuns the idea of being a slave to the Almighty. Yet he finds it perfectly reasonable to turn himself into a slave of science!

The same science that claimed omniscience and told us we must put our babies to sleep on their tummies. Then when the incidence of sudden infant deaths rose sharply, science reversed that recommendation.

The same science that recommended the use of anti emetics like thalidomide in pregnant women, saying medicines could not cross the placental barrier and affect the fetus, was singing a whole different tune years later when cases of phocomelia (underdeveloped bones especially of limbs) were found in the infants of mothers who had taken the drug.

The same science that claims to have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure but shrugs its shoulders and says that nobody knows exactly how these diseases are caused and have very little to offer patients in terms of a cure!

The same science that celebrated its victory over infectious agents by its discovery of antibiotics yet watched helplessly when those single-celled, “unintelligent” organisms beat it at its own game by developing resistance to those very drugs!

The same science that argues against the existence of God saying the Big Bang was responsible for the creation of the world yet is unable to explain the asymmetry in the number of quarks and anti-quarks formed as a result of it or the critical value for the strength of the nuclear forces holding protons and neutrons together that made this universe possible. They also talk about the Big Bang but have no information to offer of what came before it.

So does science really offer us answers or only pretends it does? The answer to this question is obvious. While people may argue that scientists created Dolly, the sheep, the truth is that they didn’t create anything. Scientists didn’t take ingredients that they themselves had created to “make” Dolly. They took skin cells which they were certainly not creators of to reprogram the genetic material (which again they had not created) and implanted the material in the womb of a female sheep … So even the pregnancy and birth was not with their own original material but relied on the uterus of a living mammal and all the organ systems that it already had.

Science is hardly omniscient. Neither are we.

Isn’t it time we acknowledged that and tried to find the Truth?


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"I don't know what the future holds but I know Who holds the future."

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