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Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Ever wonder why we feel the compulsive need to buy the best brand in the market, why the Louis Vitton bag holds such appeal, why the Gucci shoes are just calling out to us to wear them, why we just HAVE to own that Rolex we saw in the window last month, why we can just picture ourselves at the next get-together in the latest Prada outfit? Are we such lo-lifes (sorry to use that self-depreciating word but it is necessary) that we are only defined by what we wear and what we carry in our hands, be it a bag  or a mobile? Do we really need these designers to tell us who we are?

Surely our interior has to be more important than our exterior. If only we spent the same care and attention on our deeds before doing them, on our prayers while saying them, on our duties when performing them, on our relations when interacting with people. Why doesn’t this compulsive urge come into play when we are glorifying our characters and only occurs while glorifying our bodies? Why is our relationship with the designer more important than our relationship with Allah? Why don’t we, instead, strive for a designer soul?

Think of yourself minus the brands. Wear whatever you can get your hands on. It doesn’t have to be liked for it’s price tag. I am not saying that you have to look bad, just that looking good does not necessarily have to be expensive. Then think, whether you are still liked by your peers, still respected for who you are, still thought of in good terms? If not, then it can only be one of two things. One, that you were liked and respected only for what you wore or owned, i.e. for your style and attitude, and not for what kind of person you were. Two, you are looking for respect and worth in the wrong group of people, probably those who will leave your side the minute you can’t afford your stylish lifestyle. Both reasons are not worth spending your money on!!!!


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