Wisdom and Tea: Reflections of Muslim Home-making Moms

Think. Learn. Act. Remind.

Time Out


In the midst of cooking, and other kitchen related activities, a little hand tugs at my clothes, I want you to play with me, I need you , I don’t understand this sum, she isn’t sharing, bathroom! And the list goes on.

Any possible activity a parent can be involved in, must, hence goes the rule, be interrupted. Even the bathroom isn’t a safe retreat! Here are a few ideas on how to get some uninterrupted moments!

If children are around 4 to 7 ,they can ,if given a slight push in the right direction, entertain each other. But you must be out of view. I prefer to be able to hear what is going on so I can intervene, if ,for example they get ” creative ideas ” which can sometimes be synonymous with trouble!I close the room door after setting them up with a 2 player game such as Zingo or blocks , something which does not have a chance to end in a mess. Art work is a no no unless I am around.

Children enjoy camping outside the door where their parents are.They feel in touch with you when they are just outside. My kids love to make little notes and push them under the door for me.

Though I donot like to use the tv as a baby sitter, but a parent needs a bit of me time or just a chance to soothe nerves.On some occasions putting on a dvd which you approve of , such as Sesame Street, Mary Poppins, can give a good break .

Frequently making the older siblings feel important and praising efforts to keep the younger ones entertained. Making the elder one feel responsible for the other one, in this way, and not making it feel like a burden . Specially with older girls who enjoy playing the role of a mom or teacher.

Kids love to play house. If you have a sofa with cushions that come off , they can be used to make a house. It entertains them better then any possible toy house from a shop, and sets their imagination free.

It is important , specially for stay at home parents to take out a bit of time for themselves. A conscious effort has to be made to make that time otherwise routines are never ending , it doesn’t just happen.Not only does it help you to be a better and happier parent, the children also learn to respect the fact that mom or dad also have some time for themselves.

“A believer should divide his time into 3 parts…he should supplicate to his Lord secretly in one, settle an account with himself in the second, and permit himself to enjoy the good and legal pleasures in the third.” Ali bin Abi Talib (R.A.)


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This entry was posted on May 26, 2012 by in HomeMaking, Parenting.


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