Wisdom and Tea: Reflections of Muslim Home-making Moms

Think. Learn. Act. Remind.

About Us

We have spent our childhood together, laughed together, stood by each other when life tossed a curveball at us and shared with each other the little wisdom we had gleaned from our own life experiences, big or small.

We are a group of best friends, professionals-turned-stay-at-home moms who are trying to share the little things we learn every day.

Most importantly, this is meant to be a reminder, not just for others but for ourselves too, about the things that are really important and those that just aren’t, about focusing on the big issues and learning to ignore the small ones, about being human and realizing that those around us are too.

It’s a blog about a stay-at-home mom’s life, the big challenges, the little triumphs, and all the stuff in between that makes it all worth it.


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